Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
      John Clute's encyclopedia hits the web; simply the best reference on sf&f available
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database
      Simply the most comprehensive reference for the publishing details of sf&f
Science Fiction Awards Database
      New and improved, this is the reference for all things related to awards - and sf&f have a lot
Science Fiction Studies
      Interviews, articles, essays from intelligent critics and scholars.  A great resource.
      So easy to find yourself wandering among the articles and ideas.
Ultan's Library
      The best site for essays on the works of Gene Wolfe - really high quality writing.
Locus Mag
      One of the foremost participants in the mainstream sci-fi and fantasy scene, a good reference for forthcoming books, interviews, and other stuff with popular genre writers.
New York Review of Science Fiction
      Well written reviews, essays, and articles on sf&f by some of the well known critics in speculative fiction
Fantasy Book Spot
      Simple but comprehensive, it appears to be fan built.
      A very ambitious project to read and analyze all 10 books and 10,000 pages of Malazan

      The commentary and discussion most often intelligent, this is the top "amateur" review site on the web.
Number 71
      A reviewer on Strange Horizons, as well, Dan Hartman brings a much needed high brow view to genre and is a joy to read on a word by word basis
Val's Random Comments
      A good, honest review site with experience on a variety of sf&f (See here for an interview with Rob, the proprietor)
Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations
      The blog owner, Joachim, an archeologist of Silver and New Age sci-fi, this is a wonderfully retrospective and investigative site.
The Future Fire
     Perhaps the best site online for indie sf&f
MPorcius Fiction Log
     An interesting blend of genre and realist fiction, from pulp-of-old to esoteria, the skepticism inherent to the reviews is great.
Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased
     As the subtitle reads, the blog is "Adventures in Vintage Genre Fiction". Covering a gamut, western to detective noir, science fiction to fantasy, there is a wide range of material to review.
From Couch to Moon
     Snarky, well-written reviews that may do a better job of pointing out what's wrong than what's right, but that's the way o' the blogosphere...
Potpourri of Science Fiction Literature
     An extremely varied mix of old/new, long/short, and well-known/esoteric sci-fi, the proprietor 2thd hold snothing back on opinion.  (See here for an interview with 2theD)
Fantasy Literature
     A multi-multi contributor site, they've covered almost all fantasy and are now working on the sci-fi end of things.
Grub Street Hack
    An Australian writer's book vent with an appreciation for great prose, this is a good site to find a mix of books, realist to non-realist, fiction to non-fiction, classic to contemporary, and pulp to literary.  Recommended.

The Coode Street Podcast
      I've grown a bit weary lately of Gary K. Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan's blind heeling to the extreme left, but the fact is the remain able to interview great authors and sometimes discuss genre intelligently.
The Writer & the Critic
       Focusing on two books per month, Kirstyn and Ian approach genre from a very progressive, often overly sensitive viewpoint, but that their standards are so high mans they rarely discuss the riff-raff.
      While often dipping into pulp work that doesn't merit discussion, the proprietors do occasionally have good guests, and once on the show, ask great questions.
Geek's Guide to Galaxy
      Another hit or miss cast, not to mention the discussion is very unidirectional ("...and what do you think about that?"), nevertheless there are enough quality guests invited to warrant a mention.

AE Hudson
      Artistic photography and graphic design
Polar Lichter
     Another traveler at heart...