Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Times...

The article hereafter has been up for some time.  I read it several months ago, but am only now getting around to linking to it.  Starting out a review of Gardner Dozois' ongoing The Year's Best Science Fiction series and other such annual collections, it quickly becomes commentary on the current state of science fiction.  Easily extrapolated upon to become speculative fiction, Kincaid's thoughts echo many of the ideas floating around in my own head about about the situation the genre finds itself in.  Undoubtedly enjoying a popularity unlike it has ever seen, it's possible a peak has been reached, one from which we must now descend.  How long will the surfeit continue, how long before the ideas become fresh and new again, how long before another peak can be reached is anyone's guess.  What's not is that too much of a good thing is indeed bad.  Have a read.   

As published on the L.A. Review of Books

*April 2, 2013 - I'm adding a link (here) to the Coode Street Podcast which features an interview with Paul Kincaid regarding the article.  Great discussion - many big ideas about the state of genre.

I should add that I liberally stole the image from Salvador Dali...

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