Thursday, March 31, 2016

Speculiction grows legs...

Ahh science fiction book lists, the guilty pleasure of any bibliophile.  Agree, disagree, learn, laugh...  But with so many available, what to do when somebody requests one of you?  I recently found myself in this situation after a request from  I decided to go random, or at least semi-random.  See here for the result. (One may even find a picture and short bio of the yeti.) Interestingly, after perusing the site, I noticed that esteemed colleague and friend of Speculiction From Couch to Moon also has lists featured on (here and here).  Even more interestingly, it would seem our friend also decided to go random.  And just even more interestingly, Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon appears on both our lists, which must mean it's a good book.  Go read it if you haven't.

*Note - Image heedlessly pilfered through google. Contact me if it needs to be removed.  Viewer statistics can easily prove I am in no way profiting from it... 


  1. "Colleague" I like that. Makes me wish we had a water cooler to gather 'round each day and talk books.

    Great list. Going on the bookmarks.

    1. "Did you see the crap Vox Day was spouting on twitter last night? My god, like, like, it's like he's living in a different world! But then you think it's our world, and that's how some people think, and like, my god. The gall!"