Sunday, February 23, 2014

Culture Corner: Chile - Torres del Paine

Our last four days in Chile were spent in the world renowned national park Torres del Paine.  This reputation pans out in two directions: it is a place filled with stunning natural wonder, but like America’s Yellowstone, is also filled with tourists.  A significant change from our time in Dientes del Navarino, the natural beauty was, however, more than enough to make the trip worth the while.
We asked this Guanaco on the outskirts of Torres del Paine to hold his head at a proper, National Geographic angle while we took a photo.  He was all too happy to oblige.
Swathed in fog when we arrived at this viewpoint, we also had to ask these peaks to unveil themselves for a moment.  There were not as obliging as the guanaco, but did take off enough to give an impression.
Sleep not always the easist thing to come by while backpacking, it’s best to take it when you can get it – as proved by my wife and her brother, above.
Fed by glaciers, the lakes in and around Torres del Paine all take on varying hues of turquoise. Absolutely amazing, I believe this is the money shot of Torres del Paine.
Not to be outclassed by the mountains and lakes, the flowers of Torres del Paine are likewise vivid.
Another incredible mountain.  It’s a pity the condors didn’t choose this moment to jump into the photo.  More aloof (ha!) than the guanaco, they were only partially obliging when it came to photo ops.
We had to get them alone.
People, however, are much more agreeable.  My wife and her brother readily agreed to pose for this postcard.
And even when there weren’t spectacular mountain, lake, or wildlife views, the trails themselves were a pleasantly beautiful place to hike.
But, like always, all too soon it was time to hit the road, destination Argentinian Patagonia...

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