Saturday, May 19, 2012

Culture Corner: The Andamans - Part I

Apart from a one night stay in New Delhi en route, our first week In India was spent in the idyllic Andaman Islands.  Night and day compared to our last week in India, we spent the seven days on Havelock diving, eating delicious fish, drinking fresh mango juice, walking the beaches, and just plain relaxing.  So much to see and do, when selecting photos the number quickly spilled over into two posts.  So, without further ado here is Part I.  (Part II can be found here.)  Many thanks to our fellow divers who gave us their photos when our camera could not be taken any deeper.
One of the Andamans and its reef as we flew in.

Up close and under foot a few hours later!
Diving is like heaven, sometimes.

Some of the countryside – a far cry from the squalor that infests the mainland.
A scorpion fish, just begging us to get a little closer so it can stick one of its poisonous dorsal fins into us.

Our little bungalow (on the right) we called home amongst the coconut palms at Dive India.
Undersea “follow the leader”.
Cricket is one of the few means of escape in India.  And it’s played everywhere, from the ghats in Varanasi to these, the rice paddies of the Andamans.
Some call a mansion home, others…
Do you really need a caption?
A friend we had taking care of the mosquitoes beside our table while we too ate one evening.

 End of Part I. Click here for Part II.

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