Saturday, May 19, 2012

Culture Corner: The Andamans - Part II

Part II of my photos from the Andaman Islands.  (If you missed it, Part I is here.)

Who wouldn’t want to have a rest on that pillow? (Or, "Where's the Little Mermaid?")
An action shot of the moped we rented to explore the single road stretching the length of Havelock Island.  Cows were the only real traffic you needed to look out for.
The jellyfish had no idea we were in hot pursuit of hundreds of dolphins which happened by our dive boat.
The photo not so great, the silvery flashes are indeed dolphins.  Unfortunately, they wanted to get no closer to have their picture taken.  The water undulating above is like a dream.
More of the picturesque countryside...
With no idea what this is (sea urchin?), I'm left with pure visuals. Yes?
To say Andaman waters are teeming with life is an understatement.  This is only a fraction of the undersea creatures we saw.  Turtles, shrimp, octopuses, huge schools of mackerel and barracuda, sharks, and even little pegasuses were some of the other life we saw calling this reef home.
Not the last cow we would see in India, at least this one has nice grass to spend its days eating (unlike the trash its city counterpart must pick through).
A fishermen out at dusk.
What time in paradise would be complete without a glorious sunset on the beach?  Ask and you shall receive!

The End

I would like to say thank you again to the people we dove with who gave us some of their photos.  A few of those above are thanks to them.  Secondly, I would like to give a nod of respect to Dive India.  The three Vs we met and dove with (Vikas, Vinnie, and Vikram), as well as all the other instructors and guides, were all top notch professionals as well as just a fun, knowledgeable group to spend time with.  Cheers!

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