Monday, December 26, 2011

Culture Corner: Student Resumes - Part II

More excerpts from the "Skills and Experience" section of my students' resumes.  (Part I is here and Part III is here.)
Make less about loss

know much about knowledge (Radical skeptic?)
Keeping a functional state (Just covering the basics…)

I had got two praises

Good at showing interesting something (My curiosity is piqued, yours?)

Do odds and ends in a posh restaurant

Work in Mickey department (Who doesn't?)

Can do very well at breaking stubborn thinking

Carry something in a factory (Modest or arrogant?)

Be confused in myself  (Also found on George W. Bush's resume...)

Active in gentle exercise
logicality diffusing nature thought

The ability of dealing with burst errors is great

Roller coaster (This is literally all the student wrote under "skills".)

Fixed some broken things (Electron microscopes or mouse traps?)

Possess a wide range of knowledge about almost everything (Almost, almost…)

The character is strengthened

Persuasion of words (Isn't it obvious?)

Know the fashion news about how to dress the clothes


To do everything in mind

Introduce the chocolates' delicious

Keep sober when I n trouble

Attend to face a new evening party to Bike trial to perform

Everyday I decorate a few homework and then discover his defect

The society respects

Know how difficult my parents get wage

The fifth in drag of war of university's sports meeting

Go to geracomium to help old people (I tried a few online dictionaries, but I couldn't find "geracomium."  Either this student has a brilliant imagination or their electronic dictionary is a bit scrambled.)

Worked as a ordinary worker

Sketch a picnic

Had a little knowledge about driving. (Dare we ask where it went without stirring up bad memories?)

End of Part II

(Part I is here and Part III is here.)

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