Monday, December 26, 2011

Culture Corner: Student Resumes - Part III

And the final post of excerpts from the “Skills and Experience” section of my students’ resumes (Part I is here, and Part II is here):
Outstanding enough to make new friends

know how to help others to solve terribles

Know some features about girl and how to get along well with the other people.  It's an important "technical".

Talent skilld of communicating

Have a good taste of grape wine

Can fix litter machines (This inspires so many jokes about China...)

Have many unforgettable experience

I want to many places.  So I know many about tourism things.

Understand our specialized course and powerful with judgment

Eat all delicious food  

Humor make people happy

Also to be the header of people

Designed the blue paiting of the near future (Amazingly, Carlos Santana is not on any playlist I found in China...)

"Supported my friends decisions" which was immediately followed by: "Persuaded my friend to change her idea"

Studied hard hometown language from my roommate

Evaluated employees in their jibs  (Isn't 'jib' a sailing word?)

Controlled my emotion in enticement (Morals count for something, don't they?)

Wrote some information clealy

Some basic practice for food

Have worked for a toggory for two month at summer holiday ("Toggory", anyone?)

Nail color

Let other people in suitable occasion render you evaluate (Yes...)

Can use discarded material to make clothes (I suggest this girl arrange a date with the litter machine repairman.)

I can dance new-style  (Who can't?!?!?)

The purity of Chinese university students has never been on such display as it has these past three posts.  On one hand it's easy to poke fun at their lack of experience and ability to relate to the "real-world", but on the other, who wouldn't want to live so easy and free, floating dreamily along in a cloud of innocence, life nothing more than the friends around you and the fun you're having...


(Part I is here, and Part II is here)

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